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    Yahua Lithium Profile

          Yahua Lithium Industry mainly relates to two plates business, such as Lithium Resources Development and Lithium Salt Manufacture. For Lithium Resource Development, we have Lijiagou Lithium fai quarries, which has been proven to be the largest explored Lithium fai quarries in Asia,and we have the right of mining for it; it can be converted into 510,000 ton of resource for Lithium Hydroxide. For Lithium Salt Manufacture, we have the capacity for Lithium Hydroxide with 12,000 ton, Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate with 6000 ton, Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate with 2500 ton, etc; we are the biggest manufacture enterprise for Lithium Hydroxide in the world, and our products have been used in all kinds of industries such as Batteries, Medicine, Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Glass, and Nuclear Industry.