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         Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Yahua) is specialized in civil explosive material research, production, and providing blasting service. The Group occupies an area of more than 3million square meters, with total assets of more than 2.8 billion yuan and more than 4,000 employees among which more than 1,000 are engineers or technicians. Its main factories are located in Sichuan Province, including the cities of Yaan, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Liangshan, Panzhihua and Luzhou, as well as Baotou city of Neimenggu Province, Hami city if Xinjiang Province. In 2013,Yahua has acquired RedBull Powder Company Ltd, the leader of New Zealand civil explosive industry, and started to implement the oversea expansion strategy.
          Yahua was founded in 1952, and specialized in civil explosive material development, production as well as providing blasting service in the past 60 years.Yahua owns more than 40 wholly owned company and holding company including civil explosive material producing companies, operating company, blasting company and transportation company. The 2012 total industrial output value of Yahua ranks No.1 among all civil explosive companies of Sichuan Province and No.2 among all civil explosive companies of China.
          Yahua produce wide range of civil explosive products including industrial explosive, industrial detonator and industrial detonating fuse, etc. These products are widely used in mining, hydraulic engineering, hydropower station, road construction, urban renewal, geological exploration, blasting processing and national defense, etc. The distribution and service cover several provinces, including Sichuan, Chongqin, Tibet, Gansu, Sanxi, Huan, Neimeng, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Qinghai and Fujian, etc., also exporting to Mongolia, Burma and Vietnam, etc.
          Yahua has 3 companies qualified with national level1 explosive certificate, and 3 companies qualified with national level2 explosive certificate; Yahua also obtained the qualification of general contracting on mine construction, professional contracting for earthwork. The service of Yahua covers on site mixed use explosive, mining, urban removal, hydraulic engineering explosive, explosive consulting, explosive plan design and explosive safety supervision, etc.
          Yahua has national level technical center and national accredited lab, which comprise 5 research and development organizations, namely explosive technical research lab, detonating equipment research lab, blasting technique research lab, equipment automatization research lab, and fine chemical engineering research lab. We have strong independent research and development capability, as well as innovation ability. Yahua owns several domestic leading technologies among which some are world leading technologies. Yahua possess 117 national patent, among which 10 are invention patent.
          Yahua was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 9th, Nov 2011( Code: 002497). Yahua’s capability and core competitiveness has been further strengthened with the advantage of capital market.  Yahua endeavors to build a civil explosive group with international competitiveness, and efforts to make distinguish contributes to the prosperity of China civil explosive industry, so as to requite the society and shareholders with excellent performance.